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I’m a flexible musician specializing in dog images and fine-art pictures. I am observing my dog photos climb inside the search results, therefore am pleased that I spent time for you to discover the basics there. It’s extremely, very distinctive from the formula of Etsy, in many cases, oahu is of everything you should do to be noticed on Etsy in any respect the reverse. I’ve distributed 3 portraits, have one about to purchase (she is getting her images on her custom property face this weekend) and several critical concerns. It isn’t a Etsy clone fastened such as a third supply to Amazon, and I guess that is what I envisioned. My work are available at my website, I’m sure wish I could include this list and Amazon, and a Etsy performer at!

It might sound ridiculous, but in my experience, I must say I feel I obtain a similarity that is greater once I know-all concerning the pet. Memorial Pictures are so specific, and Iam honored to become chosen to make a remembrance that I understand will undoubtedly be cherished forever and deliver a laugh as they advise us of the enjoyment and happy recollections of our cherished animals. I am recognized that you’re considering me to paint a Puppy or Residence portrait for you!

I often paint household and pet photographs, but I’d a demand to paint a copy with this iconic American history artwork, Emmanuel Leutze’s Washington Crossing the Delaware with tailored particulars, lounge measured, that leads me to supply any topic from photographs, any size! I generally contain little puppy photos possibly looking within the frontyard or out the window, although this 1 doesn’t have any pets.

But I found a sad copy with this painting on Etsy where I promote, by some guy who just made a decision after not painting since senior high school two decades before to start artwork dog photographs. I recently started searching for Christmas presents, and that I want to purchase as many as I can from Etsy Handmade at Amazon. Our last article was about how the Etsy Forums were being abandoned by me, and for justification.

I discover one-of my pictures someplace, usually on the webpage, (Sarge is becoming over Anyone’s character without my agreement!) as well as in instances like Dog memorial that, I typically tell them it’s my painting, and I hold the trademark to it, and I am good with them applying it as long as they credit me with it and also a link back to my Dog Portraits website.


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